Nutrition tips for different workouts ;What to eat if we do cardio and strength training ?

Whether you’re training for endurance, building muscle, or doing cardio, eating before and after physical activity is important.

It helps the proper course of metabolic processes in the body, prevents inflammation in the tissues and compensates for the energy expended.

That’s why you need to know exactly what to eat before and after a workout. What are the appropriate foods for different types of training?

✔️ Strength training and weight training :
Strength training is primarily aimed at building muscle. This type of training is important not only for maniacs on the subject of sculpted strong body, but also for people seeking to lose weight.

It is mistakenly believed that if you are overweight and do strength training, it will only lead to tightening the table, not to reduce it. To achieve ultimate goals, aerobic exercise should be alternated or mixed with strength training.

🔻During strength training and weight training, the muscles expend a huge amount of energy, lower blood sugar levels due to its rapid metabolism. As a result, energy levels in the body fall and you need extra energy before and after exercise.

🔻Before training, eat a combination of carbohydrates and proteins to have energy. Drink plenty of fluids both before and during exercise. Carbohydrates help the muscles not to be damaged by training, as well as to reduce the inflammation in the tissues afterwards.

🔻Protein is suitable after a workout. They restore muscle and provide the necessary amino acids. It is good to eat something protein within 30 to 60 minutes after a workout.

✔️ Cardio :

In cardio training, food before and after physical activity is crucial.

🔻You need a large supply of energy, so an hour and a half before a workout eat something low in fat and protein and high in carbohydrates. This combination will give you a powerful boost in achieving your goals.

🔻It is important not to do cardio on a full stomach. Therefore, it is good to pass more than an hour after eating before you start.

🔻After a workout, the body needs a quick recovery of energy. Within 30 minutes of cardio, eat something in combination with carbohydrates and protein. Protein will help restore and nourish muscles, and carbohydrates will restore your energy.

You can even afford 2-3 pieces of dark chocolate after a workout – a great reward for a job well done.

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